Frances gives talks to academic and general public audiences about film, art and all things visual. She also takes bespoke museum tours

Gerhard Richter: Painting by Other Means Symposium | 17 July 2023 | Gerhard Richter Archive

Gerhard Richter’s work has often been acknowledged for its use of multiple media. Though his renown is based on his painting, he has engaged with photography, architecture, per-formance, sculpture, tapestry, and digital art. In this one-day symposium, three international guests present and discuss Richter’s work for its use of the languages and forms of other media to challenge the limits of painting.

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Gerhard Richter's Grey

A discussion on Gerhard Richter’s use of grey painting. The lecture belongs to an ongoing project in which I discuss abstraction as always being in conversation with the world around it

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So much of how we see artists as interacting with each other—and their work as interacting with each other—comes from the art historian as opposed to from the work itself.

Here I discuss my book The Truth is Always Grey: A History of Modernist Painting with Chris Richardson from This is Not A Pipe Podcast.

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Shifting Faces: The Revelation of Amateur Images at War,”

A conference accompanying the exhibition, “On the margins of war: Thessaloniki under the German Occupation (1941-1944) through the photographic collection of Byron Metos,” Museum of Byzantine Culture​ and Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, April 8, 2016.

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Artist Marte Bjørndal, with Researchers

This talk was given on the occasion of artist Marte Bjørdal’s project, Fotogrisen, in front of The Norwegian Parliament in Norway in 2017, critiquing Norway’s welfare system

Grey/Polychrome: Cy Twombly, Modernity, Classicism, and the History of Art

In this discussion recording as part of the Making Space for Art series, Dr Frances Guerin (Film Studies, University of Kent) is in conversation with Professor Ahuvia Kahane (RHUL) on the subject Grey/Polychrome: Cy Twombly, Modernity, Classicism, and the History of Art.

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