The Image and the Witness cover

The Image and the Witness

Trauma, Memory, and Visual Culture

Wallflower Press, 2007

With images of disaster and traumatic historical events displayed across more and more media in contemporary life, The Image and the Witness is a unique collection of new essays concerning the ethics and aesthetics of the image in our visually saturated age. This wide-ranging interdisciplinary volume explores the portrayal of trauma in contemporary media and interrogates the image as a witness to historical events.

In arguing for the agency of the image, the volume debates post-traumatic memory, documentary ethics and the iconic power of images, and considers the work of Chris Marker, Errol Morris, Derek Jarman, Doris Salcedo, Gerhard Richter and Boris Mikhailov, along with images from popular culture, websites and home movies. Asserting the importance of images in bearing witness to historical trauma, this volume challenges the bias towards the written and the spoken word in trauma studies, providing a new framework for understanding the role of the image in the twenty-first century.

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Chapter 7. The Grey Space Between: Gerhard Richter’s 18. Oktober 1977