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Photograph by Kevin Hayden

Frances Guerin

Frances Guerin is an academic and a writer. She holds a doctorate in Cinema Studies from New York University, as well as a Master of Arts in Art History from the University of Melbourne, in Australia. She currently teaches both undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in film and visual culture at the University of Kent, UK, and conducts research that explores the intersection of aesthetics and social politics in film, photography, painting, and other twentieth-century visual media. Her ongoing projects concern the role of the image within cultural and historical modernity, the image as witness to traumatic historical events, practices of looking, and the image as an agent in the formation of cultural identity. Frances lives in Paris.

More About Frances

In addition to her academic work, Frances is European Operations Officer for Artslant, an online art network for professional artists, critics and art lovers, featuring calendars for exhibits and events, as well as local city reviews and critiques. She also writes regularly for ArtSlant, and her involvement in the art world is wide-ranging, including conducting interviews, authoring criticism, working as a tour guide, and curating exhibitions. She is also a classically-trained pianist. Frances lives in Paris.

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