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  • Gerhard Richter in Marian Goodman’s Gallery

    Marian Goodman has finally opened an exhibition space in London. It is stunning. In an old industrial space on Golden Square in Soho, it’s grand, spacious and on the evening I visited, was filled with London’s misty late autumn light. Anyone who thinks they have seen enough Gerhard Richter paintings, will still want to visit […]

  • Niki de Saint Phalle

    All I really knew of Niki de Saint Phalle’s work before going to the Grand Palais last night was the fountain installation on the south plaza of the Pompidou Centre. Given the apparent frivolity of the fountain, I was surprised by the complexity and boldness that I discovered in her work on exhibition, especially given […]

  • William Eggleston, From Black and White to Color

    The epigram to the catalogue’s main essay quotes Eggleston: “I think of them as parts of a novel I’m doing.” The quotation finds Eggleston reflecting on his series of photographs, as though next to each other, the narrative unfolds. As I wandered this small, but rich, selection of Eggleston’s work I was fascinated to see […]

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Frances Guerin

Frances Guerin is an academic and a writer, currenly teaching courses in cinema studies at the University of Kent, UK, and conducting research that explores the intersection of aesthetics and social politics in film, photography, painting, and other visual media.