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  • Images à Charge: La Construction de la preuve par l’image

    This exhibition starts with a display of a handful of the French photographer Alphonse Bertillon’s fascinating shots of crime scenes in nineteenth-century Paris. Bertillon was head of the photography department at the prefecture, and he invented a protocol for capturing the scene of a crime. He began with an overhead camera with a wide angle […]

  • Jesper Just, Servitudes

    I remember turning up at the vernissage of a Jesper Just exhibition in the Marais a few years ago. I couldn’t get inside the gallery spaces as they were overflowing with young people whose black outfits merged with the darkened rooms, their bodies perfectly poised with a champagne glass in one hand, a pack of […]

  • Joseph Cornell. Wanderlust

    Joseph Cornell. Wanderlust, the relatively small survey of the New York artist’s work at the Royal Academy is a delight from beginning to end. As is always going to be the case with an artist as prolific as Cornell, the exhibition is not exhaustive, but to the credit of the Royal Academy, it is indicative […]

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Frances Guerin

Frances Guerin is an academic and a writer, currenly teaching courses in cinema studies at the University of Kent, UK, and conducting research that explores the intersection of aesthetics and social politics in film, photography, painting, and other visual media.